Wildcats Ready for the Webber Academy Athletic Park Field House

With snow covering the fields at Webber Academy Athletic Park winter training has started for the Wildcat group. As the program awaits completion of the Webber Academy Athletic Park Field house, training once again has taken place in the gymnasiums of Webber Academy.


The players seem to have taken things into their own hands and made the most of their training experience at Webber Academy. Hitting Coordinator Cole Armstrong has created a comprehensive hitting program allowing the players to continue their training progression both virtually and in the limited space allotted to them. With a major focus on connection the players have been exposed to a plethora of professional drills. With the eventual goal of having the player dictate their own training program Cole and the rest of the Wildcats staff couldn’t be more excited about the progress made so far in winter training.

JJ Downs training

Pitchers have taken a different approach this first month of winter training. Giving their arms a break for the first 6 weeks of winter training is imperative to arm health and will allow pitching coordinator Chris Reitsma the opportunity to rebuild all of the program's hurlers correctly. Proper pitching mechanics are of utmost importance to the Wildcats throwing program and a concept that Chris has started building on inside Webber Academy facilities. Pitchers are ongoing comprehensive circuit training focusing on core strength, hip/shoulder strength and separation, shoulder stability and balance building a strong foundation for future work once the field house is completed. 


The future looks bright for the Wildcats as the program has been given a tentative date of completion. Late November looks promising as the finishing touches are being finalized now. The Wildcats look forward to a full sized MLB infield on the 22,000 square feet of turf allowing room for pitching lanes and simulated games to be played all winter long as well as four batting cages 70 feet long and 18 feet wide. Hitters can look forward to a hitting circuit allowing players to get approximately 400 unique and productive swings a night accompanied by professional instruction. Pitchers look forward to picking the baseballs back up in mid December and testing their arm strength all winter long until the snow melts away on the two beautiful fields directly outside the field house. 

Fraiser Joes
Quant Tee
Winter fun

With 5 separate teams training at the Webber Academy Athletic Park Field House this winter the program is extremely excited to see the players progress greatly at one of the best indoor training facilities in Western Canada. The progression from the Wildcats fall ball performance to their competitive summer teams will be great and the Wildcats are looking forward to a successful second year as a program.