Program Cost

  • $4500 Inital Fee

Fall Training

  • Practices and intersquads

Winter Training

  • 2-3 Weekly Training Sessions

Spring Training

  • Intersquads & Exhibition Games

Summer Season

May 1 - August 7th

Competitive seasons vary dependent on which team players are selected for.

15U AAA or 15U AA


Septemer 1 - April 15

15U wildcats baseball starts September 5

Training will take place at the Webber Academy Athletic Park. Training will take place in large group settings to ensure all players receive the same instruction and opportunity. All players accepted into the offseason program are guaranteed a spot on one of our U15 teams (1 x AAA & 1 x AA)

All players will be invited to attend the Turkey Classic during the first week of October.


Fall Development Schedule

September 5 - Oct 15

Fall Ball will be dedicated to individual development in competitive situations including live at-bats, intersquads  and exhibitions.


Winter Development Schedule

October 15 - March 31

Training will take place Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday during the winter months with limited drop in sessions available on off days. Areas of focus for the winter include strength and conditioning, pitching mechanics, hitting mechanics, workshops, volunteer events and guest lectures. The weight room at the facility will be available during all facility hours.


Season Ramp Up and Player Evaluation Period

April 1 - April 31

Spring training will be dedicated to preparing for the competitive season, practices will include intersquad games, exhibition games and competitive training situations. Players will be evaluated and placed on their summer teams during this period.


  • Additional $1000
  • 2-3 practices/week
  • Roster size = 13
  • Will participate in Baseball AB AAA subject to Wildcats Baseball and Baseball Alberta’s discretion
  • Stronger emphasis on competing than on ensuring equal playtime or playing multiple positions
  • No pitcher only’s
  • Tournaments:
  • Lethbridge Ice Breaker
  • Legasse Wood Bat
  • Valley of Champions
  • Season ends after provincial championships


  • Additional $500
  • 2 practices/week
  • 2 Rosters of 14 players
  • Tiered based on skill level
  • Will participate in Baseball AB AA
  • Stronger emphasis on equal opportunity for development for all players in a variety of positions
  • Tournaments:
  • Lethbridge Ice Breaker
  • Doc Plotsky
  • Season ends after provincial championships